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Mensagempor ShepherdOC » 12/set/2011, 15:50

Hello I´m Luís Martins, 25 years old and mechanical engineering studant, most Known as ShepherdOC on tables, im administrator/coach here on forum!

I allways wanted to learn the game! maybe cause of movies ou something like that, and when the BOOM happened i start to feel more interested in it. I was watching more videos, and knowing rules. I start playing on my phone :D , Gus Hansen game, when a friend of my introduced me pokerstrategy, and that was it! I ask for a free bankroll on and i take real good money from there, on my first bonnus! Then came Fulltilt poker, Everest Poker, and pokerstars.
Without poker im no longer happy :D ... It makes now 2 years sence i start playing it, but only last year i started studying it, first year i was playing like a donk!!

Im allways available to respond to any doubt, about Sng´s and Mtt´s strategy, time/bankroll mangenment, towards to make your poker profitable on the long run how it is to me ;) .

Im Portuguese so sorry my english, still learning it too :D

Smile and gamble forever! 8-)
Forever a Poker studant

Good games, cheers..... 8-)
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